Satori Stage


What we offer you is a spacetime where you can concentrate on your studies and meet people with a creative mindset. Are you looking for the place for important meetings, work or interview? Satori Stage was made for people like you.

Study materials, interesting books, printer, conference room and internet connection are provided in this comfortable place. It is a cozy area where you can focus on your improvement, business and search for new useful contacts.

Do you enjoy spending your free time by watching a movie or listening to a concert?

Satori Stage is a platform where good ideas are produced. Have a break while playing a table football, board games or video games.

It is the place for brainstorming, workshop, presentations or teambuilding.



Study room

Ideal space for students and coworkers. Comfy room will make you feel homey in the middle of the old town.

  • 19 m2
  • for 7 – 12 people
  • 4 working spaces with cable internet connection, lamps, electric plug
  • sofa, and conference table
  • bookshelf with educational material
  • radiator and air condition

Meeting room

For all those who seek a space for workshops, courses, or business meetings.

  • 18 m2
  • for 10 – 15 people
  • Conference table + chairs for 10 people
  • blackboard
  • flipchart
  • air condition


Created for relax. Chill out with plenty of videogames.

  • 9 m2
  • room for 4
  • PS3
  • videogames
  • air condition

The Stage

Centre of culture life in the SATORI STAGE. Biggest of all the rooms with pleasant atmosphere and stage.

  • 90 m2
  • room for 30 – 70 people
  • audio system
  • microphones
  • stage 12m2
  • projection screen 180x330
  • projector
  • air condition


24 September 16:00

Angličtina pre malých aj veľkých (A1/A2) - free vstup

FB event

24 September 17:00

Posledný Level: Videoherný kvíz 13

FB event

26 September 18:30

Čítanie reči tela [Otvorená Hra]

FB event

27 September 18:30

Ako komunikovať jazykom lásky - Satori Stage

FB event

28 September 08:30

2F Talks: Reklama, ktorá sa nevnucuje

28 September 20:00

An Evening of Music with Frank Winter

FB event

30 September 13:00

Bloger Bazar v Satori Stage II.

FB event

4 October 18:15

Saharský večer - Bratislava

FB event

5 October 09:00

Čítanie reči tela (celodenný workshop) [Otvorená Hra]

FB event

7 October 17:00

Večierok o 5 rokov (III. ročník)

FB event

8 October 18:30

When Life Gives You Lemons

FB event

13 October 18:00

OLD’S COOL ▱ Bratislava 2017

FB event

18 October 18:00

Workshop - Tajomstvo dokonalej typografie I.

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21 October 15:00

Workshop - Tajomstvo dobrého loga I.

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Satori Stage is “tvoj časopriestor” – your spacetime where you are free to use all the options available.

Mon. - Fri.
09:00 - 22:00
14:00 - 22:00
14:00 - 20:00
02/209 102 39